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Browser Sentinel - Malware Protection

With Browser Sentinel an experienced user can effectively fight against malware,
spending minimum time and resources. The user is always aware of activities in vulnerable
zones of the computer and thus can immediately neutralize suspicious items as they appear. 


Picture Ace - Picture Downloader

Saving pictures from the web is a snap! Are you tired of saving images with Internet Explorer having to enter file name each time?
Picture Ace is a complete solution for downloading images from the Web. No more Save As dialogs, just one click and the image is on your hard drive!


IE Privacy Keeper

Simple, fast and efficient browsing history cleaner forInternet Explorerand Mozilla Firefox.

Get File Size

Find out the size of a file or an image's dimensions before actually downloading it.

Flash and Pics Control

Easily turn on/off downloading of pictures and Flash movies, disable Java Script, Java Applets and Cookies.

Flash Saving Plugin

Save Flash movies right from your web browser, examineInternet Explorerand Mozilla FirefoxFlash movies cache.

SWF Opener

Handy player for the Flash movies you saved on your hard drive. Full screen mode, timeline controller and more.

Picture Ace Lite

Save pictures from the web without the annoying Save Picture As dialog.

Easy Go Back

Adds mouse gestures to Internet Explorer. Navigate back and forward by simply using your mouse.

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