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Does SWF Opener depend on some dlls?

Yes, SWF Opener requires macromedia flash player (flash.ocx). The player can be downloaded here.

I downloaded a Flash movie but cannot play it with SWF Opener. Why?

First, please make sure you have Macromedia Flash Player installed: click here to install the latest version.

Sometimes it is not possible to play a movie off-line because the movie downloads its contents from a web server. The part of the movie that is saved to a hard drive only downloads the movie contents from the server, it doesn't contain any animation itself (except for maybe a "loading..." caption). This part is programmed to load animation only when the movie is being viewed on a web page. So it is just virtually impossible to view that movie off-line from a hard drive.

It is just the way the creators of the movie programmed it to work. Web site owners usually do this to attract more people on their sites. They don't want ,say, your friends to get the movie by e-mail from you and watch it off-line. They want your friends to visit their web sites and perhaps watch advertising or something.

What command line parameters does SWF Opener support?

SWF Opener supports the following command line parameters:

  • full - start in full screen mode;
  • click - click the movie to pause/continue;
  • sa - scale mode: Show All;
  • ef - scale mode: Exact Fit;
  • nb - scale mode: No Border;
  • ns - scale mode: No Scale.
Example: SWFOpener.exe "C:\Movies\1.swf" -full -sa

How do I exit full screen mode?

Press the Esc key on your keyboard.

How do I download flash movies from Internet to play it with the program?

You can use Flash Saving Plugin to download Flash movies from Internet.

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