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IE Privacy Keeper cleans up all traces of Internet Explorer activity (including the index.dat files) with the ability to keep selective items.

Clean up Internet Explorer history

You can keep selective history records, cache files, cookies, and more, for your convenience
or to conceal the fact of the cleanup.

Keep selective URLs in the history

IE Privacy Keeper can also clean up traces of Mozilla Firefox activity.

Clean up Firefox history

Numerous options on the System tab allow you to eliminate your offline activity tracks.

Clean up recent files and documents, search queries, etc.

IE Privacy Keeper enables you to clean up custom files and folders.
Does your favorite program leave some files you don't want to be seen by others?
No problem! IE Privacy Keeper will take care of that!

Clean up custom files and folders

Custom files/folders can be cleaned up using various methods and with a number of options.

Setup options for custom folder cleanup

Any custom registry key/value can be erased using the Registry tab of IE Privacy Keeper.

Clean up custom registry keys and values

Fine tune the cleanup process with various options.

IE Privacy Keeper is very flexible in configuration

Select when IE Privacy Keeper will perform the cleanup automatically without requiring your attention.

No need to do anything, the cleanup will start automatically

IE Privacy Keeper offers a few ways to notify you about the cleanup process status.

Select the way the program notifies you: simple window, tray icon, sound, etc.

IE Privacy Keeper enables you to delete files securely using the DOD 5220.22-M standard.
The program also has several additional options to increase the security.

IE Privacy Keeper deletes files securely to prevent data recovery

The locations window comes in handy if you store your browser data in non-standard locations.

Modify default paths

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