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User's Manual:

System Tab

System Tab

Temporary Files

Cleans up the Windows Temp folder. Temporary files are usually created when you are installing software. Various programs also use this folder to store temporary information.

Enabling this option may cause some installation programs to fail after restarting Windows. It is highly recommended that you enable the Delayed Cleaning option as well. This will make IE Privacy Keeper delete a temporary file only if it exists on your computer longer than the specified amount of time (30 minutes is usually enough).

You can keep certain files and folders in the Temp folder by specifying them in the Exceptions window.

Windows Temporary Files
Windows Open/Save History

Cleans up the list of recently opened and saved documents. This list is used by applications when they display the Open or Save dialogs. The list is displayed:

  • When you save a picture in Internet Explorer using the Save Picture As... command;
  • When you save a document in MS Word;
  • When you save the file downloaded from the Internet.

Open/Save History
Prefetch Folder

Cleans up XP's prefetch folder. The prefetch folder is used to speed up boot process.

XP's Prefetch Folder
Run History

Cleans up the list of programs that were started from the Run dialog (Start -> Run). Note that you may need to restart Windows for the changes to take effect.

Run History
Recent Documents

Cleans up the list of recently opened documents (Start -> My Recent Documents). You can keep selective documents in the list by clicking the "Keep selective documents" link.

Recent Documents
Search Auto Complete

Cleans up the auto complete values for search queries on the computer (Start -> Search).

Search Auto Complete
Recycle Bin

Empties the recycle bin. By default, recycle bins on all drives are emptied. You can select drives where you don't want to empty the recycle bin by clicking the "Select Drives" link (XP/2K/Server 2003 only).

Start Menu Programs List

Cleans up the list of programs you use most often.

Start Menu Programs List
Flash Cookies

Cleans up Flash cookies. Flash cookies are installed by Flash animation. You can keep cookies from selective web sites by clicking the "Keep selective cookies" link.


Empties the Clipboard.

Recent File Lists

Cleans up the MRU (most recently used) lists of a few popular programs.

Recent Files List (MRU)

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