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User's Manual:

Firefox Tab

Firefox Tab

Temporary Internet Files

Mozilla Firefox cache

Cleans up Firefox cache. Firefox stores images you viewed and pages you visited in the cache. Every future time you visit a web site, the browser generally does not download a web page or an image again, it just retrieves it from the cache on your hard drive.

Browsing History

Cleans up the browsing history. The browsing history displays web sites and pages you visited, and is shown in the History pane in Firefox (View -> Sidebar -> History).

You can keep selective sites (URLs) in the history. Specify the web sites whose web pages you would like to keep using the "Keep selective URLs" window.

Browsing History
Auto Complete Values

Cleans up the values you entered in edit boxes on web pages. Firefox saves values you enter when filling out forms on web pages. Later, when you fill out a form again, it will display a list of previously entered values.

You can keep selective auto complete values. Specify the values you would like to keep using the "Keep selective values" window.

Firefox Auto Complete
Typed URLs (Address Bar)

Cleans up the address bar (auto complete list of the address bar). This list displays the URLs you typed in the address bar. Note that to completely clean up the list you may also need to clean up the Browsing History, since Firefox adds entries to the auto complete list from the Browsing Hsitory.

Specify the typed URLs you would like to keep using the "Keep selective URLs" window.

Firefox Typed URls

Cleans up installed cookies. Web sites can store short pieces of information on your computer called cookies. The cookies are used to help you to automatically login to a web site, remember some settings or track your visits to a web site.

You may want to keep selective cookies to be able to auto login to certain web sites. Use the "Keep selective cookies" window to do that.

Saved Passwords

Cleans up web site passwords that Firefox saved. You can keep passwords for selective web sites by clicking the "Keep selective passwords" link.

Download Manager History

Erases all records from the Downloads window (Tools -> Downloads).

Firefox Download Manager History

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