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User's Manual:

Files Tab

Files Tab

Clean up custom files and folders

This tab enables you to specify custom files or folders to delete (files can also be filled with zeros and emptied). Each item in the list will be processed in order of appearance, i.e. the higher the item's position in the list, the earlier it will be processed. You can temporarily disable an item by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the item.

The Folder edit box specifies the folder to delete or the folder where files must be deleted. You can type in the folder path manually or click the Browse... button to select one.

The Action property specifies what to do with the files in the folder:

  • Delete - deletes the file;
  • Empty - resets the file size to zero;
  • Fill with zeros - the file data is overwritten with zeros.

The Subject(s) for the action property defines what files/folders must be processed:

  • The folder and all files in it - deletes the specified folder and all files in it;
  • All files in the folder - deletes all files in the specified folder, the folder is not deleted;
  • Only files with the extension(s) - deletes only files with the specified extensions, the folder is not deleted;
  • Custom file mask(s) - deletes only files that match the specified masks, the folder is not deleted. You can use this property to delete only one file. Specify the file name here, e.g. internet.log and IE Privacy Keeper will delete only that single file.

The files will be delete securely if the secure delete option is enabled. If you are afraid you might inadvertently delete some important files, you can enable the Send to Recycle Bin option. Then the files will be sent to Recycle Bin instead of being deleted forever. Use the Enable exceptions option and the Exceptions... button to specify files and folders you don't want to be deleted.

If you want to process all subfolders of the folder specified, enable the Process subfolders option. If the Delete empty subfolders option is enabled, the program deletes subfolders that become empty after deleting all files in them.

Before you click OK, please click the Test! button to make sure the program will delete only the files you really want to be deleted.

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